Infrastructures of the tragicomic

Published on Running Dog online arts platform 12 April, 2019 Review of Chris Dolman’s Exhibition Falling from a Broken Ladder                                       20 March – 14 April, Galerie pompom ‘Judge me, please don’t judge me’

Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Erased de Kooning Drawing’: Iconoclastic Gestures and the resignification of Artworks

Notes for the National Art School Drawing Symposium (download pdf with images) Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Erased de Kooning Drawing’: Iconoclastic Gestures and the resignification of Artworks For this symposium we were asked to talk about a favourite drawing. And since drawing can be a subject, an object, an action, and a

Bad Mannerism

Words about the theme and artists in Bad Mannerism, Galerie pompom, 2-27 May, 2018

Painting and the Australian Gothic

Image: Peta Dzubiel, Lost Daguerreotype (2017) oil on aluminium, 23 x 20.5cm Remote Peta Dzubiel | Jane Guthleben   Exhibition 19 July-6 August Opening Saturday 22 July 2-4pm Incinerator Art Space 2 Small St, Willoughby NSW   Painting and the Australian Gothic The Australian Gothic has been described as an

Quiet Violence

Image: Stella Chen, Mossko (2017), Sphagnum moss, glue, gold leaf, 190cm x 170cm   Image: Stacks Projects,Installation view of exhibition by Stella Chen ‘Living with the Past’,  including artwork (at back)  Mossko (2017), Sphagnum moss, glue, gold leaf, 190cm x 170cm On the work of Stella Chen, in response to her exhibition:

The body in pieces/ presence (Part 1)

Nicola Samorì, Shrine, 2012, oil on linen, 200 x 300 cm Linda Nochlin’s book, The Body in Pieces: The Fragment as a metaphor for Modernity (1994) traced developments as they have been expressed in representations of the human figure fragmented, mutilated and fetishised, by looking at work produced by artists

The First Source: ‘Aura’ in the Age of Advanced Imaging Technologies

Extract from draft chapter: The First Source: ‘Aura’ in the Age of Advanced Imaging Technologies What then is the aura? A strange tissue of time and space: the unique apparition of a distance, however near it may be. To follow with the eye—while resting on a summer afternoon—a mountain range

The self anointing PhD

PhD: the self-anointing animal In the non-human animal world, self-anointing (smearing bodily secretions and/or parts of the bodies of other animals or plants over themselves) assists the animal in different ways, from aiding communication to repelling parasites (even making the animal poisonous) or providing camouflage. A practice based PhD is


Chelsea Lehmann, Fey (2016) oil on linen, 72 x 56cm Upcoming exhibition at Strange Neighbour Gallery (Fitzroy, Melbourne). exhibition details here EFFACE:​ ERASE (A MARK) FROM A SURFACE. ​​MAKE ONESELF APPEAR INSIGNIFICANT OR INCONSPICUOUS. In Efface, Luke Thurgate and Chelsea Lehmann present new paintings as well as a collaborative wall work in

On the work of painter Nicola Samorì

“Every well-established language is the embodiment of a ghost that never ceases to push out the shape from within even when its image seems to be complete. I reconstruct the outcomes of the trials that have characterised these different seasons and I shake them while their bodies are still soft.

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